by Shorebreak

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released December 3, 2013

Engineered and Mixed by Mike Kalajian and Royce Thompson
Mastered by Mike Kalajian
Album Artwork by Richard Minino



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Track Name: Prep
Lately there's been way too much sleeping without you.
I can't keep my hands to myself when I'm around you.
Is it weird if I worry every single night, only worried if that question will start a fight?
I hate to admit that I'm new at this; tied down and I'm drowning in this fucked distance.
Your smile holds my fate in between.
Your words can tear me at the seams.
I know that you've got places to be but I think I'll fall to shit if you don't pick up the phone and call me.
Will you wait up for me?
Track Name: Replacement
I just died.
Dead to you.
So, bury me with every other broken memory.
I slipped up and I fucked your day.
I'm the saddest excuse for anything capable of standing next to you.
Okay, I get it.
I'm just fucked up.
Time to call in the replacement.
I guess I didn't make the team.
I tried, but let's not forget what I am: nothing.
I was overrated and overplayed.
Am I just your skip track?
Look I can't help it, I feel the way I do; fucked up and tangled up in you.
I'll stare down at my feet and it looks like I lose.
Guess I'm not good enough for you.
Track Name: Decency
Lay in your bed play with my head like one of your dolls.
When you lose your temper throw me around your room.
Life down on your floor is plagued with dust and wood that splinters.
But at least it's better than being wrapped around your finger.
At least have the decency to go behind my back.
Never thought common sense was something that you lack.
I'd like to thank you for leading me way off track.
Still lying here on my back.
Just keep acting like you don't talk smack.
Do you enjoy pulling on my strings?
Don't bother trying to stitch up the hole that you left in my chest.
Do you tell your friends the words you choked me with or do you hide that side behind a smile tied with lies?
Just hate, I know it's your best trait; the only thing that you do great.
Just keep lying to my face.
Ask me now if I still miss your face.
Track Name: Awkward
You can sit there with that look on your face.
I can tell that you think that I'm a waste, but to be honest I'm getting sick of the taste you left on my pillow case.
You left.
I have been there for you all along.
We dropped out and I think that something went wrong.
Have you felt it?
I've felt this for far too long.
Maybe it's all your fault or we're both wrong.
You don't know what I'm thinking.
You're not here inside my bed.
Keep your awkward looks and all the time you took.
And stay out of my head.
Standing here now I guess there's not much to say.
I wish I had known that you'd end up just playing games.
Maybe it's right and it's just the price that I pay.
I'm drowning in time and space.
I left.
Maybe it's just the rushing pace, maybe the way my mind would race.
You said you never could replace; there's proof we both lied face to face.
Of all the effort, ties that bind; of all the truth turned into lies.
Stay the fuck out of my mind.
Track Name: Sunset
You're still the rain over my head pouring down unlike everything you never said.
You buried me like I was dead only to dig me up again.
Maybe you should just have left me there instead.
So thank you and I'm staring at my feet again.
I can't tell if we're still friends.
If this all fell apart then tell me when.
Is this something we can mend?
Just promise that you won't pretend.
Don't pretend.
You still talk in the same way; your smile haunting like not a single thing has changed; like you didn't put a void in my life everyday.
I'm so happy for you now and I hope you got your way.
Decency is needed when you went and fucked with all my friends.
The first and last song you get.
Fuck listen and forgive, call this listen and forget.
I know that this was real but I can't help how I feel.
Good luck to you.
I guess this is goodbye for now.
You're fake and like glass I see through.
There's not a single person as transparent as you.